Puzzle Collection version 2010.08.11

This is my 'Pièce de résistance', and I am very proud of it. According to one user review at a popular download site:

Best Free Puzzle Software I downloaded so far ... can be even better than most of the paid ones ...
It is my goal to continue improving this application to make it the absolute best jigsaw puzzle software anywhere.

Puzzle Collection screenshot

Game Features

  • Tile shape - square or hexagonal.
  • Number of pieces (approx. 12 to 250)
  • Individual pieces and smaller connected groups always "float" above larger connected groups, preventing smaller groups and single pieces from being hidden.
  • Random shape generation - non-uniform shapes guarantee that no two plays will be the same.

What's New

  • Image preview
  • Images are scaled to fit on your screen.
  • Option to select background color.
  • Multiple selection for moving pieces.
  • Multiple layers (play areas) provide more space for sorting and arranging pieces.
  • Choose from the in-game image, or solve one of your own photos as a jigsaw puzzle.
  • A new collection of spectacular nature photos, or the option to choose your own image
  • Game configuration options are in a dialog to free up puzzle space

Outstanding Bugs

  • If two edges (three corners) are completed together, the resulting set of pieces can't be dragged fully onto the puzzle area.
  • Multi-select dragging allows pieces to 'fall off' the edge and be lost.
  • Multi-selected pieces aren't being displayed properly if the pieces are far apart.

Wish List

  • Zoom in for working with small pieces.
  • Auto-arrange to sort pieces into a grid.
  • Transparent or semi-transparent layers to see pieces at a lower level.
  • Set the software up to get images from a feed or repository (Flickr, deviantART, ...)
  • Leave a comment - let me know what you want.
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